Poems about beauty - 133. Blue Beauty

133. Blue Beauty - Poem by Praveen Kumar In Shobha Priya

I saw her walking along the Heaven,
All in blue with black flow of hair,
Step on step like white halo all round;
She swept like warm breeze that carries fragrance,
Like the glow of dream in mute, still slumber
And left a sweet storm in my weak heart
That still throbs to her footsteps,
The blue in her soul like flash of light
Caught my soul with lingering notes
Of long forgotten far musics of Heaven.

She was all bule, but bustling beauty
Like quiet eye, stirred by love,
Brooding yet intense, sad but sweet,
A flight of lights in heavy dull world;
No ice can freeze her, no fires, melt,
She was all own, pure and deep like sky,
Far beyond my world, yet my own,
For, once in, there she spreads like flood
In pure blue that soaks soul with beauty
Of peace, love and quiet dignity.

She floods like tides of deep blue ocean,
My little shores of dreams and thoughts;
She sweeps the floor, smoothes the shore
And recedes back to her deep blue world,
Though in me, she still is a daily guest;
For, things like her are there although nowhere;
She stirs my sleep and stills commotions
In subtle blue swirls that caught my soul,
Some swirls that catch are more desirable
Than all freedoms, the worlds can spare.

I am no more a free soul or heart,
Nor a life on own right;
Dipped in blue, dyed and dissolved in blue,
She charm the world in blue beauty;
I am caught in her eyes and she in me,
We roll like one though so far away;
My heart beats to her notes, hers to mine,
Our blue souls find beauty together;
Yet the blue beauty is far from me,
Perhaps seeking me while I seek her.