Poems about beauty - 138. Beauty

138. Beauty - Poem by Praveen Kumar In Shobha Priya

Face to face with enthralling beauty,
Words go dumb and limbs, lithe;
All senses dwell on the divine charm
And balk from the world that sorrounds it.

While beauty floods, breathless I go,
Joy swells inside and bursts outside;
I, in the beauty and the beauty, in me,
We merge in each, and live goes sweet beauty.

Beauty breathes and talks, dances too,
Beauty reaches and touches, seizes too;
Beauty is a force, none can resist with ease,
Beauty is a place where god sits with grace.

Wherever I look, there is beauty,
Wherever I look, there is beauty,
It invites to reach the subtle core
And builds bridges to the secrets of god.

What makes beauty, beauty, a gentle force,
A seat of joy and grace and peace?
What makes beauty rise like a magical spell
And liquate whole being to rhythmic soft music?

Is it formless god devolved on the earth
Or wisdom of holy sages in rebirth
In aureate splendour, reaching our earth?
Or a glisk of the nature’s innocent smile?

What is beauty, but a communion of souls?
What is beauty, but an expression of the whole?
Beauty reaches god and drinks his glory
And brings his grace to the lower world.