Poems about beauty - 161. Soul Of Beauty

161. Soul Of Beauty - Poem by Praveen Kumar In Shobha Priya

See her not with eyes, see her by insight,
Eyes are dull to pierce her form,
Eyes are weak to catch her fragrant soul;
She is too deep for the shallow little eyes,
Cup after cup, eyes measure her form,
An infinite spring of charm, she is.

See her not with eyes shut too,
Open both eyes and drink her contours,
Those form, charm, shapes and slopes,
Those face, grace, poise and peace;
Feast the eyes to trust it all,
Feast the eyes to trust it all;
Miss not a piece of the masterly craft,
Miss not the soul of the exquisite art;
Each stroke of her shape, unequalled in joy;
Each sweep of her form, a divine sway;
Only soulful eyes feel the gentle charm,
Dissolve in the form and dwell in the frame.

See her by insight with open eyes,
Grab her inside with eyes and insight;
A jewel of beauty in the nature's treasure,
A precious piece of immortal pleasure,
Divinity, devolved on the earth, she is;
Seek her soul with all your soul,
Inhaust her whole to reach your soul,
See every form in her sweet frame;
Beauty, she is wherever you meet,
Joy, she is, wherever you reach;
Open your senses, keep open your heart,
She enters the soul like an incony gentle bride.

What subtle contours make her graceful soul?
What magic juice flows in her veins
And makes her rare splendour, what it is?
What is that sweet fluid grace
That streams out of her delightful moves?
What concinnous soft organic orchestra
Creates this wonder in the name of soul?
She is not just beauty, the soul of beauty;
She is charm in human frame
That devolved on the earth to make all happy;
Divine, her beauty, divine, she is,
A soulful music, a fragrance from the graceful heavan.