Poems about beauty - A Dangerous Beauty

A Dangerous Beauty - Poem by shiva kiran

I stand at the edge of the cliff
In a wind blowing strong and stiff
The brilliant blue water rippling beneath
enticing and foreboding is the glimmering sheath

Do I leap
Will I fall in a heap
do I dare
To jump without a care

Will I hit the water
And soak in the thrill
Or is there a rock under
Ready to kill

Faith deserts me fast
You have been cruel in the past
Yet I am back on my perch
Contemplating another lurch

Do you want me to take flight
With my body gracefully silhouetted against the light
Or do you want to see me ache
and make my knees shake

For now you are victorious
You have left me clueless
You are too beautiful to walk away
Too dangerous to just leap and pray.