Poems about beauty - A Beauty

A Beauty - Poem by Willie Gordon Suting

You sit there singing on a hilltop,
hoping that birds would sigh and listen,
leaves would rustle and weep.
Your voice spreads like the warm carpet of the setting sun
and soothes like the cool of the whispering breeze.
I wish to see you there,
meet you there.
I want to follow
where my ears take me;
my feet will just tread along.

I walk the path unheedful of thickets that touch my aching limbs.
Panting yet anxious,
desirous to witness who you are.
There you stood,
the wind blowing your lustrous hair.
Our eyes met,
our bodies paused;
a beauty I had only read in verse,
a voice I had only heard in dreams.
You lips hushed,
and you slowly took my weak hands,
weak at your lulling touch.
I felt the warmth of the sun when you caressed me.
And then you said,
”I am not human, I…I…am a dream, a voice you have been dreaming! ”