Poems about purple - Purple & Green Shadows

Purple & Green Shadows - Poem by Beating Tree

Part 1
When stars aren’t shining after the sun’s no longer burning.
It rumbles & grumbles, my stomachs twisting and turning.
My room fills with screaming, haunting & unforgiving shadows.
Part 2
Purple grows smaller as the darkness begins growing.
My light starts to flicker & my life’s chapters begin disappearing.
The trees crackle & hackle, name calling as branches are falling.
Purple explodes & begins again, with its expressionless shadows.
Part 3
Green blooms along my cold, wintery room dripping water.
The drops are rolling & swirling on my face they are transforming.
Their forming tears in my eyes as their reading my story, I’m crying.
Green finds a heart always bleeding, they unmask me those ill minded shadows.
Part 4
When purple & green finally mix, I will see them always blending.
They will blend on my walls, on my bed, until its only in my head, always dancing.
I’ll be forever lost in laughter, tears, scornful & lonely shadows.