Poems about purple - Purple

Purple - Poem by Ruth Walters

Purple’s a tricky colour,
knowing purple as I do.
A colour that suits,
dare I say, the old.

I’ve been putting off this colour
for although I know I’ve aged
I’ve convinced myself
I still have lots to do.

I do declare I’ve tried
to form a friendship
and purple and I've gelled,
we’ve come to terms.

We’ve both mellowed,
don’t you know and taken on a pinkish glow
and so we’ve settled
in our little team of two.

I bought a brand new hat,
oh yes…it’s purple
with ear muffs and a long wool scarf
to match.

It’s a very purple hat,
in fact, a trapper hat
and now, to tell the truth,
I think I'm trapped.

Perhaps, next week,
I’ll dye my hair to purple
I’ll take up doing crochet
and be good

but even though I’m old
I’ll still flirt madly, truth be told,
with some rich, securely
impotent old dude.