Poems about purple - Music Of Purple

Music Of Purple - Poem by Sariga Devasia

A harmony that blends the finest of turquoise heaven and crimson love,
where the cascade of ultimate life has its genesis from above.
A feathery touch of soul to relive the bygone memories,
flows quietly into fathomless obscurities.

Disappearing in the dark woods of emotions,
it slithers silently with an utmost profusion.
Though logs and boulders come in between to fence its rush,
the barriers are drifted away as leaves lost in mad gush.

This serene music has found its way,
among the chirping sparrows and bamboos that sway.
Though it merges in the distance, the music is still heard from within
when dreams spring out in winter of life, reviving the tale of love, before silence creeps in.